Building Leadership Capacity in Science, Water and Health
Career Building Workshops July 13, 2014

Proposal Writing Workshop
Career Launch Workshop


Previous Career Building Workshops in October 2012, 2013

Proposal Writing Workshop
Publishing Workshop
Career Launch Workshop


Special thanks to: Dr. Barbara Tiedue, Dr. Marie-Solange B. Evehe, and Dr. Rosine Djokam-Dadjeu of Yaounde University, and Edith Souop (ICRAF) for helping with the COACh workshops.

Additional thanks to: The World Agroforestry Center and Director Dr. Zac Tchoundje, UCLA Center for Tropical Research Directors Dr. Tom Smith, Dr. Kevin Yana Njabo and Dr. Barbara Tiedeu.

Project Description

iCOACh project leaders:
Prof. Hilary Godwin, UCLA
Prof. Geri Richmond, University of Oregon Research Partnership Topics:
Infectious Diseases
Sustainable Agriculture
Environmental Science
Health Science