Advisory Board


Geraldine Richmond, Chair
Presidential Chair
Professor of Chemistry
University of Oregon

Hilary Godwin, Vice-Chair
Professor and Department Chair of Environmental Health Sciences
UC Los Angeles

Nora Berrah
Department Head and Professor of Physics
University of Connecticut

Gilda Barabino
Dean of Engineering
The City College of New York

Kristin Bowman-James
Professor of Chemistry
University of Kansas

Kathy Cashman
Professor of Geological Sciences
University of Bristol

Pam Cook
Professor of Mathematics, Associate Dean of Engineering, Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Delaware

Lisa Durham
Director of the Leadership Institute, Principal Environmental Engineer
Argonne National Laboratory

Simiso Dube
Senior Lecturer, Chemistry
University of South Africa

Laura Greene
Chief Scientist, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Florida State University, University of Florida, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kimberly M. Jackson
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Spelman College

Leslie Jimenez
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Rutgers University

R. Heather Macdonald
Professor of Geology

College of William & Mary

Saundra McGuire
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Louisiana State University

Claudia Mora
Group Leader, Earth Systems Observations
Earth and Environmental Sciences Division 

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Clare Muhoro
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Towson University

Pushpalatha Murthy
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Associate Dean, Graduate School

Michigan Technological University

Sharon Neal
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Delaware

Harriet Okatch
University of Botswana

Mary Jo Ondrechen
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Northeastern University

Odessa Petzold
The DOW Chemical Company

Jeanne Pemberton
Regents Professor of Chemistry
University of Arizona

Celeste Rohlfing
Chief Operating Officer
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Mary Silber
Professor of Statistics and the College

University of Chicago 

Angelica Stacy
Professor of Chemistry, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity

UC Berkeley

Meg Urry
Israel Munson Professor of Physics, Department of Physics

Yale University

Mary Wirth
W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Purdue University

Sherry Yennello
Cyclotron Institute Bright Chair in Nuclear Science
Texas A&M University