COACh-the-COAChes Materials

COACh-the-COAChes Updates and Announcements:

The first COACh-the-COAChes workshop was held at the Fall American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco, CA Saturday, August 9, 2014. This inaugral class of new COAChes included 11 Jr. & Sr. Faculty who spent the day working with the Postdoctoral Associates, learning the workshop materials and getting hands-on experience coaching. We look forward to hearing from the new COAChes about thier workshop experience.

COACh Forms:

Notice of an upcoming workshop
* Submit no later than 2 weeks prior to presenting your workshop

Post-Workshop report
Let us know how it went! Be sure to submit this report within 2 weeks of your workshop

Consent Form

Evaluation form
*To be handed out to workshop participants. Please feel free to modify to fit your group or to collect any information that is no included.

COACh-the-COAChes Materials:

Career Launch and Acceleration
Effective Negotiation

If you modify the handouts, send the revised slide to and we’ll post them on this website for others to use as well.