Visitation of the Delegation of Chinese Women Scientists to the U.S., Eugene, OR, USA   March 2014

Visitation in Eugene, OR


COACh and China: COACh had the privilege of hosting a delegation of women scientists from China recently at the University of Oregon. The visit was part of the China – US Science and Technology Education and Research visitation that was organized by the U.S. State Department and the China Science and Technology Exchange Center. We had many wonderful discussions on scientific topics of common interest and career issues for women in science in our two countries.

Also helping with the visit were several graduate students from the University of Oregon and Professor Gang-Yu Liu from U.C. Davis. A special thanks to Ms. Jiying Chen, Division Director of the China Science and Technology Exchange Center.

Attendees from China:
Ms. Jiying CHEN, Group Leader Division Director, China Science and Technology Exchange Center
Ms. Yuyang BAO, Doctoral Student, Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management, Beijing Normal University
Dr. Rui FAN, Associate Professor, Tongji University
Dr. Fei HU, Laboratory Chief, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Ms. Xiaoyun JIANG, Chief Engineer, Hunan Normal University
Ms. Wei LIU, Researcher, Beijing Institute of Technology
Dr. Zhu LIU, Professor, School of Physical Science and Technology, Yunnan University
Dr. Rui PENG, Associate Professor, Soochow University
Dr. Qian WU,Deputy Director, Experimental Center for Teaching of Preventive Medicine, Nanjing Medical University
Ms. Xuemei YANG, Vice Director, Ministry of Science and Technology of China


Workshop on “Building Bonds: A Joint China-U.S. Workshop for Women Researchers in Chemistry”, Beijing, China.   October 2011


Research Areas:
Chemistry, Biological Materials, Renewable Energy, Novel Polymers, Drug Design and Delivery

This first workshop for women research scientists from the U.S. and China was held in Beijing in October 2011. It was organized at the Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science in collaboration with COACh. 

News releases:

Funding was provided by the US National Science Foundation (chemistry division), the National Natural Science Foundation China and the Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Science.