COACh in Cuba for the International Chemistry Congress   Havana, October 2006

COACh was invited to be part of a session on Women in Chemistry in Latin America that was part of the  XXVII Latin American Chemistry Congress and the VI International Congress on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering held in Havana, Cuba.  COACh was represented by Geri Richmond who gave a presentation titled "COACh: Leveling the Field for Women in Science”.  The presentation was in English with all slides translated into Spanish.  It was very interesting to meet with women chemists from Cuba and also other countries in Latin America.  There was much interest in COACh, with attendees asking if COACh workshops could be brought to their countries.  COACh thanks the American Chemical Society for facilitating the visit and necessary transportation issues.

In addition to the meeting, it was a fascinating time to be in Havana.  Although the US-Cuba relationship is a bit strained, the people were very friendly and the children adorable in their crisp school clothes.  Overall a fantastic visit and amazing women chemists!