COACh and Science in Port Louis, Mauritius  December 2016

Mauritius is working hard to increase its excellence in science with the current president, Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib  (who has her PhD in organic chemistry) leading the way.

The US Embassy hosted COACh's Geri Richmond at their “Let’s Talk about Science” event which included the Mauritius Research Council and Planet Earth. Many great questions! She also had a chance to give a talk hosted by the Ministry of Education to science educators and administrators on science and women in STEM. As with many countries they are struggling with revamping their STEM curriculum. Her third presentation was at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Center where she talked about the need for scientists and researchers to help solve many global environmental challenges. The Science Center is an amazing asset to the island. Richmond's final presentation was at Café Scientifique and hosted by an NGO on the island helping to advance science literacy. It was also a lot of fun with many great questions. It was held at the Flying Dodo Brewing Company and restaurant.

Merci beaucoup to Jennifer Barr and Matt Gerdin for hosting my visit and others from the US Embassy who helped coordinate all of the logistics of my meetings.