Mentoring and Networking for Success in Science and Engineering

Mentoring is known to have a very powerful positive impact on the career of the protégé or mentee.  It can be an equally valuable and rewarding experience for the mentor who seeks to aid others in career advancement. As scientists we often have limited exposure to effective mentoring practices and techniques.  Through a series of exercises and role-playing scenarios this workshop provides training in mentoring techniques that are proven to be effective.  It also provides guidelines for the mentor and mentee on setting expectations so that conflicts can be avoided and how to have productive conversations that can lead to the desired end result. For the mentees, the workshop includes guidance and discussions of how to find a mentor and begin the mentoring process.  This workshop can be tailored for a group of mentors, mentees or a group of both mentors and mentees.

Mixed gender groups welcome.

1-2 hours
Career Level
Graduate Students
Domestic and International